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“Traverse Our Construction Solution to Support You”

Builders Bazar is a Procurement Consultant in Construction Industry that acts as a platform for Procuring Construction and Building Materials for their Projects from Start to Finish. We Purchase Material for our Clients Directly from the Major Manufacturers in the Industry which will save a lot of Money of our Clients.

Builders Bazar provides a Wide Range of almost all the Products from all Brands available in the Market. Our Platform Provide our Customers get the Material directly from the Manufacturers or Authorised Distributors.

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Our Services

1. Procurement : Civil

What can we provide you?

What can we provide you?

2. Procurement : Electrical

light bulbs, lamps, lights

3. Sub-Contractors - Civil & Electrical

We Can Provide you Sub-contractors:


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In our Construction Industry, there are thousands of items that used on a single site on a daily basis and for each particular product, we have to find a proper vendor for every single product. The main objective of the Builders Bazar is the One-Stop-Shop for all the Customized requirements of the Contractor. Our platform will provide every item from the starting of the Project to Completion.

Builders Bazar Platform is very easy to use; you’ll send your requirement through WhatsApp or you can also contact us via the contact page or else you can also send your requirement through email. We’ll respond to it as soon as we get your requirement and then our team will start working on it and send you the Proper Quotation. Our Website is WhatsApp Enabled which gives an easy experience.

Majorly our Procurement Team is from CPWD Contractors background, so we are specialists in CPWD Projects items. We can provide almost every item as per the
required CPWD BOQ and Make.

“Traverse Our Construction Solution to Support You”

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Juan George​

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Sean Hart

Project Leader

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Creative Director


In the simplest of terms, a general contractor is in charge of everything, keeping your project on schedule and on budget, and working with you for the entire length of your building design and building construction project.

Because we differentiates ourselves from other construction companies by seeking to simplify the commercial construction design build process at every step, ensuring our customers receive the best, most highly personalized construction experience possible. Our “New Era Of Building” puts the customer before the general contractor on how the project is delivered. We staunchly refuse the notion of “one size fits all” solutions, and will work side by side with our client to ensure their unique needs are met and desires are accounted for.

The key factors for success are involving your builder early for practical advice, agreeing on all cost
aspects upfront, and having an open channel of communication with your construction team.

There are so many builders on the market, many are excellent. But each construction company has their
own personality and specialty. So not only do you need to find the good builder, but you need to make
sure that the right project is right for your builder. Any good builder can complete a project, but if it is
not their speciality it can take longer or end up being more expensive.
You also need to ensure that the construction company have licensed builders that are able to manage
all aspects of construction. They must fill all legal requirements and can provide the required warranties
and documentation after the project’s completion.

To get the most from your construction project you need to be clear on your intentions. If you know
what you want, then your builder can deliver. It is difficult for a builder to achieve high quality results if
the parameters keep changing. Your builder can help you make these important upfront decisions by
giving expert advice and realistic suggestions.

Quality is more than using a licensed master builder builder and the right materials. Quality is the
complete experience that you receive both during and after the project. Quality includes clear and
timely Communication, Workmanship, Materials, Service and how we treat your space, and finally post
completion and assistance in obtaining required paperwork. Quality is how do you feel after everything
is completed.